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April 18, 2017

A woman consumes an 'Ooho' plastic-less water container in London

UK-Based Start-Up Introduce Edible Water Spheres to Cut Plastic Waste

Plastic pollution and the awareness of its impact on our oceans and land is on the rise.  Skipping Rocks Lab, a UK-Based start-up, hopes to cut plastic waste with its new product OohoWater. The plastic-less water balls are edible – made up of plant and seaweed extract. The innovation has potential to be a short term solution to plastic consumption.   Source:  UK-based start-up hopes to cut plastic waste with innovative…


First Woman to Enter Boston Marathon Runs It Again, 50 Years Later

In 1967, it was unheard of that a woman was physically strong enough to run in the Boston Marathon. Women were not allowed to run in fact. Kathrine Switzer registered as K.V. Switzer and ran the marathon “illegally” while attempts were made to physically drive her from the race.  She finished that day and it marked the beginning of a new chapter in sports history. Today at 70, Switzer returned…