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April 20, 2017

Sadeq Quraishi

Partner Profile: Sadeq Quraishi

  In this series entitled Partner Profile, PATRONNÈ MAGAZINE explores the hearts and minds of the men who partner with high-flying women and the keys to their relationship success.    MARRIED TO MEDICINE Sadeq Quraishi is an Intensive Care Physician and Clinical Nutrition Research Scientist. The 39-year-old Medical Doctor is married to a surgeon who is also a visiting professor and consultant to digital health start-ups. Married for 19 years, Sadeq talks to…


These Natural Beauty Brands Are Using Big Data To Give Skin Care A Makeover

Natural beauty methods are as old as time but big pharma brands have all but driven such techniques into the shadows. That is changing with the launch of Follain – platform to make it easier for women to discover natural, toxin-free beauty brands. The platform curates and rigorously tests products before offering them on their platform. The goal? To demystify the industry and bust the long-prevailing myth that beauty products need…