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Lady Justice

If it wasn’t for her sense of style, Chief Justice Amy Nechtem might be making discoveries in a lab instead of handing down rulings in court. Upon meeting her on a rather subdued Saturday morning, it’s obvious she is a classy lady – even as she is dressed casually for our interview. It was a strain to imagine her in goggles, a lab coat, and a cap. So, I was…

Erica Dhawan Confident and Connected

Becoming Confident & Connected

If you are ever in the audience when Erica Dhawan is presenting, she might make you dance. She’ll cue some traditional Indian “Bhangra” music, get you up on your feet, and show you a few moves – and next thing you know, you’ll be smiling and laughing with your neighbors – the walls between you having been swiftly knocked down.   Erica will have taught you, in just a few…