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Raw Spice Box Spice Subscription

Raw Spice Box monthly subscription offers 3 freshly ground spice blends and kitchen-tested recipes in each monthly spice box. The small batch spice blend is proportioned to serve 4-6 dishes – reducing waste. Each delivery also includes spice history, and stories from the region o origin.     00


Blue Apron Fresh Food Delivery Subscription

Blue Apron is a service delivering fresh ingredients and original recipes to your home or office to help you craft delicious meals while saving time. The culinary team designs the recipes that accompany each delivery. Ingredients are fresh and pre-portioned. Blue Apron offers flexible scheduling, dietary customization and number of servings with their subscriptions.     00


Quinciple Farm-to-Table Food Subscription

Weekly selection of quality foods curated by a team of experts from among the best seasonal products grown by exceptional farmers & makers. Delivered weekly with membership. 00


Women, Food, and Desire

In this powerfully feminine manifesto, Alexandra dares us to face our cravings head-on, to make the self-commitment to no longer hide out behind food, self-loathing, or the limiting expectations of others. With love, deep compassion, and fearless honesty, she calls upon all of us to boldly use food as a tool to cleanse ourselves of the nutritional, emotional, physical, and mental blocks that limit our ability to live full, meaningful,…

Cinnamomum verum spices

FOOD: Winter Spices that Will Bring You Clarity

Chef Uma Naidoo, MD Dr. Uma Naidoo is a Harvard-trained Psychiatrist, Instructor of Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School, a Professional Chef and culinary Instructor at the Cambridge School of Culinary Arts. Known as Chef Uma, MD, she blends her professional acumen in medicine, human psychology and cooking to offer clients holistic advice at the intersection of food and health. Many of us were riveted by the Superbowl 50 and the…

13 Healthy Eating Tips for a Busy Lifestyle

13 Healthy Eating Tips for a Busy Lifestyle

A busy schedule, working long hours and a weekly networking comes with the territory for any upwardly mobile professional.  Its easy to allow the momentum of your day to dictate how fuel your body. If this tendency is allowed to become a habit, it will certainly undermine your success. Katrina Bertol, a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Registered Nutritional Consultant Practitioner and Certified Personal Trainer offers 13  healthy eating tips that will…